Transform the mind, body and spirit

Providing Personalized and Innovative Medicine to Advance Health and Well-being.

The Evergreen Centre offers a unique group of integrative medical doctors with a referral network of some of the best trained integrative practitioners and conventional medical specialists available.

Our traditional primary care is extended with a deep commitment to nutritional, functional and holistic medicine.

Dr. Steven Johnson, Medical Director, began his journey over 21 years ago as a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine with a special interest in Rudolf Stiener's philosophy on the connection of rational spiritual medicine to health. Dr. Johnson trains and educates integrative doctors, nurses and health practitioners around the world.

The Evergreen Medical Centre has been a pioneer in several areas of integrative medicine including Intravenous nutritional therapies to extend cardiovascular, autoimmune, neurological and immune support.

We have also brought expertise to Kentuckiana in the field of prolotherapy, prolozone, platelet rich plasma and bio-regenerative-fat cells for joint, tendon and musculoskeletal injuries. We strive to find the safest and best way we can to support your health in a caring environment.

We currently accept Medicare and United Health Care insurance. If you are not covered by Medicare or United Health, we will file out of network insurance claims with your provider for you. **For patients with high deductibles we offer a program for major lab discounts.

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Our Staff
Dr. Steven M. Johnson, D.O.
Dr. Edna B. Pretila, M.D.
Tanya Geraci, MSN, FNP-C, LM, NCTMB